ADL5605 700 MHz TO 1000 MHz, 1 W RF Driver Amplifier

Product Details

The ADL5605 is a broadband, two-stage, 1 W RF driver amplifier that operates over a frequency range of 700 MHz to 1000 MHz.

The ADL5605 operates on a 5 V supply voltage and a supply current of 307 mA. The driver also incorporates a fast power-up/power-down function for TDD applications, applications that require a power saving mode, and applications that intermittently transmit data.

The ADL5605 is fabricated on a GaAs HBT process and is packaged in a compact 4 mm × 4 mm, 16-lead LFCSP that uses an exposed paddle for excellent thermal impedance. The ADL5605 operates from −40°C to +85°C. A fully populated evaluation board tuned to 943 MHz is also available.


  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Automated test equipment
  • ISM/AMR applications

Features and Benefits

  • Operation from 700 MHz to 1000 MHz
  • Gain of 23 dB at 943 MHz
  • OIP3 of 44.2 dBm at 943 MHz
  • P1dB of 30.9 dBm at 943 MHz
  • Noise figure of 4.8 dB at 943 MHz
  • Power supply: 5 V
  • Power supply current: 307 mA typical
  • Internal active biasing
  • Fast power-up/power-down function
  • Compact 4 mm × 4 mm, 16-lead LFCSP
  • ESD rating of ±1 kV (Class 1C)
  • Pin-compatible with the ADL5606, 1800 MHz to 2700 MHz