Cree Inc.
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Dane techniczne

Cree Inc.
LED Lighting - White
White, Neutral
CRI (Color Rendering Index)
75 (Typ)
Current - Max
Current - Test
Flux @ 25°C, Current - Test
Flux @ 85°C, Current - Test
470lm (460lm ~ 480lm)
Height - Seated (Max)
0.111"" (2.81mm)
Lumens/Watt @ Current - Test
152 lm/W
Mounting Type
Surface Mount
Package / Case
1414 (3535 Metric)
Part Status
Size / Dimension
0.136"" L x 0.136"" W (3.45mm x 3.45mm)
Supplier Device Package
Viewing Angle
Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ)

Najnowsze recenzje

fast delivery, item as described, thanks!!

Article fits the description on the website and it is good quality. Free in 5 days in France well protected in a bubble envelope. Each value is row in a small bag zip. Trés satisfied with my purchase, I recommend this article and this supplier.

Shipped quickly, it was about 1 weeks in Krasnodar. Until the check operation, but to look at everything together

Works. Find the price of this product is very good

fast delivery

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